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Restore24 is your first call after an emergency. Our team brings over two decades of experience to home and building restoration from fire, water, mold damage, and more.



At Restore24, we are a State Licensed Building Contractor and Insurance Experts.

When there is structural damage to your home, you need a team that can be your advocate during permitting and the insurance process. From multi-million dollar fire restoration projects in historic districts to flooding in coastal condominiums, we can handle it all because we’ve seen it all.

State Licensed Building Contractor

Our services at Restore24 are not just limited to focusing on helping you during emergencies only. Apartment complexes and multi-family residential communities can count on us for assistance with conventional contracting work across your property. We have served the multi-family industry as licensed building contractors since 1996, performing jobs of all sizes.

Fire Damage

A fire of any size and scope can cause extensive damage to your property, displacing your tenants indefinitely until the property is safely repaired. Restore24’s fire damage services include eliminating smoke odor, soot and water damage. We are so much more than an emergency response company. We are here to help you put the pieces back together quickly and beautifully.


Mold is a persistent and dangerous secondary issue that often emerges in the wake of a water damage event or humid environments like Florida. The mold professionals at Restore24 have handled mold remediation for apartment and multi-family residential communities throughout Jacksonville for more than two decades. Trust our team to keep your properties mold-free – allowing you and your residents breathe easy even after a disaster.

Water Damange

Whether it’s due to a natural disaster or a burst pipe, apartment complexes and multi-family communities throughout our area experience water damage every year – causing property damage and posing serious threats tenants’ health and safety. Restore24 recognizes that when it comes to water damage, every minute counts. Count on us for 24-hour emergency service to extract the water while also fixing any other problem it creates.

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The People Who Trust Us

“I recently had the pleasure of engaging Restore 24 for carpet cleaning services, and I am thoroughly impressed with their professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail. Scheduling an appointment was effortless, and they arrived promptly at the agreed-upon time, demonstrating respect for my schedule—a hallmark of their professionalism. Not only did they meticulously clean my carpets, but they also adhered to industry standards, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process. Despite delivering top-tier service, their rates remained reasonable and transparent, offering excellent value for the quality of work provided. I wholeheartedly recommend Restore 24 to anyone seeking professional carpet cleaning services. Their professionalism, expertise, punctuality, and fair pricing set them apart as a standout choice in the industry.

F. Rodriguez

“I thank you for a wonderful job! My carpets are just like new and Richard was on time and very professional. I wish you well in your business and will recommend your company to everyone I know. Thank you again!”


Jacksonville, Florida

“Restore 24 exceeded our expectations in every aspect of their service. Their prompt response to our hurricane damage was remarkable, and their team worked tirelessly to restore our home to its former glory. The new tile floors they installed are not only resilient but also stunningly beautiful. Highly recommend Restore 24 for any restoration need.”

P. Driscoll

“I have been a faithful customer of your company since I relocated to Jacksonville in 1998. Since that time I have managed 3 different apartment communities, each over 300 units. Recently we had an apartment that developed a smell we could not get rid of. I worked with Fred and Kathy neutralizing and deodorizing the carpet with no success. I called Dennis Hall in frustration. He personally came to the resident’s apartment and immediately identified the problem. He researched the situation and found a flaw in berber carpet that when the carpet is too wet it creates a urine like smell. The resident was ready to break her lease and move out when Dennis came to her apartment. He calmed her down and assured her he would correct the problem. The problem has been corrected, the resident is happy and I am again impressed with your employees. It is employees of this caliber that are behind all successful businesses.”


Jacksonville, Florida

Emergency Response, Cleaning, & Reconstruction

Restore24 offers services beyond the scope of just emergency situations. Naturally, much of our expertise is applicable to non-emergency situations, including a broad range of cleaning services and reconstruction of damaged areas. Apartment complexes and multi-family residential communities can count on us for assistance with a variety of property needs, including:

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